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#JusticeForPhichit - Behind The Scenes of our Mission to Phichit to fight back against injustice!

Everyone might have heard of Akara gold mine back in 2019 #เหมืองทองอัครา but its impact on the people has been ongoing for much, much longer than that. For more than a decade, 6,000 villagers living near the mine in Phichit and Phetchabun provinces have been suffering from the negative impact of gold mining operations.

They’ve lost their livelihood, no longer being able to farm due to the heavily polluted water and soil, putting them further in poverty.

Their health has deteriorated; their blood is contaminated with heavy metal, their muscle strength weakened, and many of them are getting cancer! In fact, some villagers have died from cancer without ever getting the compensation they deserved!!

Now over 300 villagers are leading the class-action lawsuit against Akara Resources public company limited. They are fighting back injustice to get the reparation they deserve for the pain they’ve suffered and to hold the company accountable for the harm it has caused!

Manushya Foundation has been supporting the villagers in their fight through financial support during the ongoing trial, monitoring the court hearings, and providing legal empowerment training. Our mission to Phichit on 15-16 March last month was a part of our strategy to reinforce the power of villagers to seek justice through international litigation and advocacy by making their voices heard LOUD & CLEAR, using the United Nations' Human Rights Mechanisms and the power of social media campaigns!

Stay tuned for the launch of our campaign and keep an eye out for our new hashtags #JusticeForPhichit and #HumanOfPhichit !

Take action and Donate to #HumanOfPhichit & check out more details about the Phichit Case HERE


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