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Don't Stop Talking About Palestine

Don’t Stop Talking About Palestine

Key things to know and actions to take as we approach 6 months of horror. 

  1. ‘israel’ is continuing its brutal genocide.

On the 1st of April 2024, Israeli Occupation Forces withdrew from Al Shifa Hospital, leaving behind a trail of incomprehensible destruction after two weeks of violent siege on Gaza’s largest medical complex. An estimate of over 400 bodies were discovered, in the most unimaginable conditions. Families are unable to identify their loved ones. Testimonies describe horror, massacre, executions and no sense of life

Among those who survived, had no access to food or drinking water for 14 days

  1. ‘israel’ is continuing to ban aid from Gaza as they deliberately target and intimidate aid organisations 

On 2nd April, 2024, World Central Kitchen (WCK) confirmed the death of 7 members of their team as a result of targeted IOF air strikes. The convoy had coordinated its movements with the IOF prior to travel, but was deliberately targeted whilst driving through a deconflicted zone in two armoured cars clearly branded with the WCK logo. 

This attack has forced other aid organisations to cease their aid delivery and distribution in Gaza at a critical time for the population, including WCK and Anera. ‘israel’ is using starvation as a weapon; 27 people, 23 of them children, have died from malnutrition and dehydration so far. ‘israel’ is also targeting civilians waiting for and receiving aid, more than 100 people were killed during, what has been described as, ‘The Flour Massacre’ (Feb 2024).

  1. Do not forget the Occupied West Bank.

We must not forget that the ‘israeli’ forces are also committing violent attacks, land encroachment, and destruction of property in the occupied West Bank of Palestine. On 22 March, 2024 the 'israeli' government declared 800 hectares of Palestinian land in the occupied West Bank as their own. On 25 March, 2024, videos were shared online of a young Palestinian boy in Hebron being physically assaulted by 'israeli' soldiers. Just a few days ago, 'israeli' forces brutally shot a 14-year-old Palestinian boy in Jenin, Motasembellah Nabil Subhi Hamamdi for throwing stones and Molotov cocktails at an 'israeli' military vehicle. According to Al Jazeera, around 9,100 Palestinians are currently being detained in ‘israeli’ prisons as of late March; many of these detainees are young men who were brutally abducted and are currently subject to constant humiliation and torture by ‘israeli’ forces.

We must not get overwhelmed by these figures. We must remember that behind every number is many faces - not just of the direct victims of violence, but also their loved ones who are now unjustly forced to face more grief on top of all the rest of the devastation they are already feeling. May Motasembellah, and all others who have been brutally executed and attacked by ‘israel,’ rest in power; we will never stop fighting for you.

We must also remember that none of the above is surprising - ‘israeli’ forces have been consistently kidnapping, torturing, harassing, and killing Palestinians in the West Bank since the beginning of the genocide that began 6 months ago. This is not even to mention for over 75 years since ‘israel’ declared itself a state.

All of this further shows the real reason why ‘israel’ is committing its violence. Common arguments used by ‘israel’ and its sympathisers to justify its violence include that ‘israel has the right to defend itself.’ But how are violent attacks against Palestinians, seizing of Indigenous Palestinian land, denying Palestinians of their rights, violating Palestinian dignity, and torturing Palestinians ‘defend’ ‘israel?’ This is blatant colonialism, and it is currently being broadcast all over social media for everyone in the world to see the truth.

  1. ‘israel’ is counting on us to lose focus, energy & hope, to stop us from moving forward sustainably.

‘Israel’ is inflicting psychological warfare against the global population who are bearing witness to the atrocities in Palestine. Their efforts to render us hopeless and useless will not be met. 

We must continue for our Palestinian family, all oppressed peoples of the Global South, to conserve our care for humanity and our beloved Earth. 

Another world is possible. If we can imagine it, we can make it happen. We will see a Free Palestine in our lifetime and we must remain steadfast in our hope, resistance and solidarity for when liberation inevitably greets us on the other side. 

  1. Join the Bangkok protest this Friday, 5 April, 2024 [Bangkok]

Other Actions


  • Continue to spread awareness for the BDS movement, especially across Thailand. 

  • Did you know McDonalds had its highest profiting year in Thailand in 2023? 

  • We must make efforts to protest with our wallets! 

News and Narratives: Make sure you are always critical of the news you consume, focus on news from on-the-ground and diaspora Palestinian sources.

  • RNN on Telegram (

  • Ahmad Al Shaer @gazzablanka on Instagram

  • Bayan Abusultan @bayanpalestine on Instagram

  • Bisan Owda @wizard_bisan1 on Instagram

  • Hind Khoudary @hindkhoudary on Instagram

  • Saleh Aljafarwi @saleh_aljafarawi on Instagram

  • Salma Shawa on Instagram

  • Ismail Jood @ismail.jood on Instagram

  • Khaled Alsultan @khaled_alsultan7 on Instagram

  • Let’s Talk Palestine (broadcast channel) @letstalkpalestine 


  • Where possible, focus on donating straight to Gazan individuals’ GoFundMes, Paypals, and other fundraisers instead of NGOs and fundraisers run by ‘grifters’ who do are not transparent about their payments, are who potentially trying to profit off the genocide of the Palestinian people.

  • Operation Olive Branch ( is an excellent grassroots movement that has created a straightforward spreadsheet database of donation pages that allow you to send funds straight to Palestinians, along with plenty of other resources (e.g. mutual aid, volunteer applications, reporting fraud).

  • Funds for Gaza ( is another helpful database with a rotating list of donation pages, which helps us donate more broadly and equitably.



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