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Kicking off #PrideMonth2021 with Our Joint Report on LGBTIQ+ Youth in Thailand!

To kick off #PrideMonth2021 we’re launching our joint report on LGBTIQ+ Youth in Thailand!

We worked hard together with LGBTI Youth communities from all around Thailand to tell you the Truth about the unfair realities they are facing on a daily basis BUT also the solutions and changes they want to better their lives!

LGBTIQ+ communities all over the world and here in Thailand are still facing daily struggles from discrimination, violence, hate speech and lack of legal recognition. Their livelihoods worsen during COVID19 as they experience multiple layers of exclusion, inequalities and discrimination.

But let’s also celebrate the brave LGBTI Youth and Children who have been among the driving forces of the pro-democracy youth movement in Thailand which kicked off in July 2020. They have been fighting to bring positive changes to this country, for Thailand to become the country with true Equality Justice and respect for all human beings! #HumanRights4All

Thus, prior to Thailand’s 3rd UPR (Universal Periodic Review) at the United Nations, Manushya Foundation and leading LGBTI Youth organizations including Young Pride Club, BUKU Classroom, Isaan Gender Diversity Network, Deaf Thai Rainbow Club, The Volunteer House for Children and Youth, and The Coalition of Innovation for Thai Youth, joined forces to document these realities and stories! We are also providing key solutions and recommendations to guarantee Youth voices from the ground are heard LOUD & CLEAR and are at the center of international Human Rights pressure to hold the Thai government accountable to improve their lives!

Access the full report, click HERE


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