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🇱🇦Lao Govt's decision to use State Fund for Khamtai Siphandone's Birthday sparks public backlash!

🇱🇦#WhatsHappeningInLaos Laos is gearing up to celebrate Former President Khamthai Siphandon's 100th birthday, with the government's budget earmarked for the occasion!

Lao authorities have disclosed that the budgets of relevant ministry agencies will be utilized to cover the upcoming birthday celebration's expenses. Consequently, the public has been left wondering which actual ministerial agencies will be responsible for the allocation of the resources. In addition, Lao citizens are questioning whether these funds could not be allocated for better use, such as tackling the ongoing economic crisis, the high unemployment rate, debt issues, the depreciating kip, or addressing the urgent needs of flood-stricken local communities.

While the Lao government is busy planning the birthday party, several provinces in Laos, including Savannakhet, are grappling with relentless torrential rains that have resulted in catastrophic flooding. Images circulating on social media platforms depict drowned cattle, submerged homes, and local communities still stranded atop their roofs, wondering whether help will ever come their way.

In 2018, heavy rains coupled with substandard construction techniques resulted in the tragic collapse of the Xe-Pian Xe-Namnoy dam in Attapeu province, claiming at least 71 lives and displacing over 7000 people. Half a decade later, survivors of the dam collapse are still waiting to receive fair and adequate compensation from the Lao government.

Sadly, despite climate change-induced disasters becoming increasingly common, Laos doesn’t seem in a hurry to transition away from development projects that are harmful to the environment or to implement measures to prevent and mitigate the impact of natural disasters.

✊🏼Manushya Foundation calls on the Lao government to truly check its priorities! Instead of spending scarce public funds on extravagant birthday celebrations, Laos should take concrete measures to address the ongoing hardship of the Lao people and provide immediate support to disaster-struck communities!

Read the official announcement letter at Grandeur Law House - The People's Legal Team.

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