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No-confidence motion starts today: Time to demand #JusticeForPhichit!

🚨 Do you know that starting from today 19 July until 22 July the censure/no-confidence motion is happening in Thailand? And why does it matter for Phichit villagers fighting for Justice for 20 years?

It is expected that during the debate, questions will be raised regarding Chatree, a gold mine in Phichit province that has had devastating human rights impacts on local communities. While Prayut closed the mine in 2017, he used undemocratic order based on Section 44 of the 2014 Interim Constitution which opened the way for international arbitration between the Thai government and Kingsgate, the Australian owner of the mine.

In the usual fashion, Prayut's government is already making compromises to appease the company and renewed four licenses to allow it to operate Chatree mine again and granted 44 more licenses for gold exploration! Yet another example of the Thai government always putting profit over People and the Planet.

📍 Goldmining in Chatree already proved to violate the human rights of Phichit villagers, putting their health in danger, and destroying their livelihoods without providing adequate compensation to the affected people.

#WeAreManushyan ♾️ Equal Human Beings

✊🏻Manushya Foundation stands against corporate capture and putting profit over People and the Planet! It is time for the Thai government to sincerely live up to its claim before the international community of being the #BizHumanRights champion in Asia!

✊🏻 We also stand in solidarity with the affected villagers. We will continue to fight together to make sure their rights are respected, protected and fulfilled!

🔗 Learn more about the costly, lengthy and untransparent arbitration process between Kingsgate and the Government here.

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