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October at Manushya - Our Passion, Our Smiles, Our Common Fight

October really flew by, and it's already November! Here is another monthly Video-recap of what we achieved along with some behind the scenes pictures.

October was another busy month for us: protesting, launching important campaigns, giving interviews, freeing a refugee unfairly detained, monitoring court hearing, and preparing for our regional workshops on UN human rights mechanisms (CERD and UPR)! 

This month, we have joined, observed, and documented the growing pro-democracy protests movement. We tried our best to keep the world informed on #WhatsHappeningInThailand regarding the #ThailandProtests2020 - We also denounced the several attempts by the Thai military-backed government to control the internet and crackdown on free media and activists, through controversial emergency decrees.

We launched two crucial campaigns: 

  1. #FreeMuay from jail in Laos

  2. #StopDigitalDictatorship to fight against the rising authoritarianism in Southeast Asia both online and offline and to ensure that everyone can enjoy their fundamental human rights to freely express themselves and share their opinion without fear of being arrested, prosecuted and jailed. 

We bailed out Emmanuel, a refugee with albinism from Nigeria who was unfairly detained at the IDC (Bangkok Immigration Detention Center); and we also monitored the court hearing in the « Community-led class-action lawsuit » we are supporting, with more than 300 villagers suing and fighting back a gold mining company to end corporate impunity in Central Thailand! 

We are very thankful for all your support as it means a lot to us. It allows us to amplify the voices of marginalized communities, share their struggles, and provide a platform so they can be heard.

We are grateful to be able to take this journey with everyone as we stand and fight for what we believe together ️ Stay tuned as we are going back on the ground in November, joining forces with grassroots and community partners. We can’t wait to see them again, after not being able to bring people together due to Covid-19 restrictions. So, here we go again! We have prepared some great insights to share with you soon!! 

Thanks again for your support. We hope November will be a great month for you too. 

With Love, 

Manushya Team

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