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Our legal empowerment training in Phichit province to fight back unfair gold mining operations!

Check out our legal empowerment #KnowYourRights training in Phichit province back in March where we support villagers fighting back gold mining operations of Akara Resources.

  • We held group discussions to reveal full impacts of the mine;

  • discussed how we are going to support them through our campaign;

  • explained the functioning of international human rights mechanisms we are going to use to demand justice.

Our earlier training in Phichit focused on how to stay safe from judicial harassment, SLAPP and defamation lawsuits. The community also learned how to correctly set up social media privacy settings, use messenger apps such as Signal and how to safely communicate among each other online.


How you can support the Phichit villagers:

  1. Share this story.

  2. Follow us on social media & stay tuned for updates on this campaign.

  3. Directly support the community with a donation to:

Kasikorn Bank

No. 001-8-68961-8

Premsinee Sintontammatuch,

Sirirat Taitong, Chatchadapon Lorsap

Click here to learn more about the #JusticeForPhichit Campaign!


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