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We are celebrating #WomenHistoryMonth!

#Feminism ♀ In March, we are celebrating #WomensHistoryMonth!

💪 History has taught us that there have always been strong women who, despite patriarchal obstacles and criticism, have not let themselves be put down by men and by sexist normas, and have enriched our world with countless social advancements and discoveries in every field.

🚨 In our patriarchal society, women are often labeled as “demanding” or “bossy” for simply standing up for themselves or making their own decisions.

💖 This is why we want to remind every woman this: don't apologize for being a strong woman who does what she wants and who dares to follow her own path!

💪👩🏾‍🤝‍👩🏽March is dedicated to all women around the world. Let's encourage each other to listen to our desires, because it is our right to do what we want with our lives, and no criticism should stop us from pursuing our dreams!

#WeAreManushyan ♾️ Equal Human Beings

🧡💗Manushya believes in the strength of every woman and every Human being. Therefore, we work together with women to bring more visibility to female perspectives. We push back against patriarchal dominance and through our actions, we build a society where all women are treated as Equal Human Beings. ✊

References: Bolde, I Won’t Apologize For Being A Strong Woman — Deal With It (24 July 2016), available at: Never Apologize for Being a Strong Woman, (11 December 2019), available at:


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