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On #WorldPressFreedomDay , We celebrate courageous Maria Ressa and fearless journalists everywhere in the World who stand firm in the face of rising threat on #FreePress to tell the world the truth, expose lies to #SaveDemocracy

Maria Ressa is an American-Fillipino journalist and co-founder of The Rappler online news site, speaking truth to power and engaging communities to be a part of journalism. Maria has been working tirelessly for decades as lead investigative reporter for CNN in the South East Asia region. Maria and the Rappler are well known for their open criticism of President Duterte’s administration.

In 2020, Maria was convicted of cyberlibel under the Anti-cybercrime law. She was accused of publishing an article containing ‘fake news’. She is now released on bail while her appeal is pending but she could face from six months to six years of jail time!

Still, Maria vows to continue working to uphold Press Freedom, Freedom of Expression and democracy ! On 2 May this year, Maria just received the UNESCO Guillermo Cano World Press Freedom Prize for her ‘unerring fight for freedom of expression,’.

Manushya Foundation stands in solidarity with Maria and journalists everywhere in their fight to uphold Freedom of Expression! We would like to celebrate and thank them for all their brave work, their fearlessness, and their determination in bringing the truth to light for the world to see!

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