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2020 Inspiring Thai Women Protest Leaders

Happy New Year 2021! • Watch the video of your 2020 inspiring Thai women protest leaders!

We recently asked you “Who or what has inspired you in 2020” and many of the answers had mentioned that the pro-democracy movement and its leaders, especially women leaders have inspired them the most in 2020.

So to send off 2020 and celebrate the contribution of the courageous women protest leaders who made 2020 the most remarkable year, here’s a little recap of the four outstanding women leaders who have been leading the movement and creating change along the way.

The road to true democracy and real change in Thailand is long and filled with obstacles. But as people like them still continue to stand up for what they believe in no matter what, we are reminded that there’s something worth fighting for and that change will eventually come as long as we don’t give up!

Thank you Rung, Mind, Lookkate, and Ploy for your courage and determination. Thank you for giving us hope, for inspiring us to start making change ourselves. Here’s to 2021 and to the real change that we are fighting for!


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