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Women Speak Truth to Power to Challenge Corporate Capture

When Women Speak Truth to Power to challenge Corporate Capture, Real Change Happens! Watch our video to hear the voices of inspiring women leaders working on the ground to fight back injustice and protect our human rights!

Manushya Foundation participated in the Global South Women’s Forum, an international forum providing a platform for women from all countries in the Global South to speak their truth and share their experiences & solutions for a better society. #GSWF2020

With our grassroots partners, we created this video to share with all of you: our mission in centering women in all decisions, how we are fighting for equality and justice, and the positive changes we are able to make. In the video you will meet:

  • Emilie Palamy Pradichit - Founder & Executive Director of Manushya, driving our Feminist & Women-led Vision & leading work to reinforce the Power of marginalized communities.

  • Premsinee Sintontammatuch - Woman Human Rights Defender (WHRD) fighting against the negative impact of gold mining operations #JusticeForPhichit

  • Nittaya Muagklang - Woman Human Rights Defender advocating for her community’s right to land and fighting against Thailand’s false Climate Change solution and bad Forest Reclamation Policy #SaveNittaya

  • Kanlaya Chularattakorn - Indigenous Woman Leader and Manager of IWNT (Indigenous Women’s Network of Thailand) empowering indigenous women to denounce and document rights violations against their communities.

  • Suphamat Phonphra - Manushya’s Community Outreach Coordinator, working to amplify the voices of community members on the ground.

  • Katima Leeja - Lisu Indigenous Woman & WHRD, Representative of IWNT, protecting indigenous rights against business abuses. She has also advocated for the inclusion indigenous peoples in Thailand’s National Action Plan on business and Human Rights.

  • Nada Chaiyajit - LGBTIQ+ Activist and Human Rights Campaign Advisor at Manushya, fighting back the gender discrimination faced by LGBTIQ+ people in the workplace!

Hear their stories, share their experiences, watch the full video available on our Youtube channel! Click HERE


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