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#AbortionRights: Keep Abortion Safe and Legal!

🚨 September 28 is International Safe Abortion Day! Originated in Latin America and the Caribbean, the day has since expanded into a campaign to demand safe and equal access to abortion for people around the world.

🇹🇭 In Thailand, progress on sexual and reproductive health has also recently been achieved, with the legalization of abortion for pregnancies up to 20 weeks set to go into effect at the end of October this year. This is a huge win, considering that around 50,000 people a year seek abortions after 12 weeks of pregnancy, according to RSA Thailand.

🟢 With the new law, many will have safe and legal channels to receive care, instead of resorting to dangerous means and risking their lives out of necessity.

🚩 However, a change in the law alone may not be enough. Stigmatization and lack of proper knowledge still prove to be an obstacle to mainstreaming abortion access in Thailand. “Evil mother,” “Murderer,” “Sinner” are some of the labels attached to those having abortions. They are prevalent, including among doctors and healthcare professionals. People seeking abortion care may be persuaded into keeping the pregnancy or feel discouraged from going to the clinics for fear of being shamed.

❌ If the government fails to promote abortion as healthcare and a basic human rights, many will remain in the dark!

#WeAreManushya ♾ Equal Human Beings

✊🏻 As an intersectional feminist organization, Manushya Foundation stands firm in its support for abortion rights. We call on the Thai government to ensure that reproductive care is accessible for all, including transgender people, ethnic minorities, and other marginalized groups. Safe and legal abortion is a human right!


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