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#BreakingNews - Bung Thaluwang Has Passed Away

Manushya Foundation would like to express deep sadness at the passing of beloved Bung Thaluwang and would like to send condolences to her friends, family and loved ones during this unimaginable time. 

On the morning of May 14th, Bung was rushed to hospital following a cardiac arrest as the medical team at Thammasat University Hospital tried to perform CPR and save her life. It has now been confirmed that Bung died, mere hours later. 

Bung began her dry hunger strike on January 27th after she was sentenced to one-month in jail for contempt of court. On the same day, the court revoked her bail on a lèse majesté charge, following her involvement in a protest related to a Royal motorcade. For the last 100+ days, Bung faced many health challenges, but remained steadfast in her defiance against the unjust judicial system in Thailand. In her own words, Bung said, “Let there be a reform of the justice process. No one must be jailed for having political differences.”

On February 2nd, Bung stated in her will that her possessions would be left to Thanalop Phalanchai, a former political activist from the ‘Thalu Wang’ group. Other assets including a title deed, the rights to claim and the rights to inheritance are bequeathed to her older sister. Bung also signed a document stating her intention to refuse any medical intervention and to donate her body for medical science at Thammasat University Hospital.

Manushya Foundation is utterly heartbroken at the loss of Bung’s precious life and the injustice she faced throughout her activism. We demand the State acknowledges their neglect that led to this outcome, we condemn the unjust use of the lèse-majesté law to crack down on critics and activists, and demand true democracy in our nation that will change the fate of this generation and all the ones to follow.

Thailand has lost and grieves many brave souls who have sacrificed their lives to reform our country. We stand in solidarity with all pro-democracy activists, protesters, and human rights defenders. Rest in power Bung, we will continue the fight to see a democratic Thai nation in our lifetime. Your legacy will long live. 



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