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#DecolonizingFunding - 💰 Funding Justice: Manushya’s Decolonial Grantmaking Strategy in Asia

🏦Welcome to a new post in our #FundingJustice series! Today, we explore the transformative work Manushya Foundation has been conducting in supporting local communities to drive change and challenging the power imbalances perpetuated by traditional grantmaking institutions.

Our vision is for inclusive, just, equal, and peaceful societies in Asia! 🌏

🤝Manushya Foundation is committed to decolonizing and decentralizing funding practices by placing decision-making in the hands of local communities. Through various types of grants, we ensure resources reach those who need them most. To name but a few, we strive to minimize bureaucratic obstacles, co-design grant processes with our partners, support informal networks, and focus on well-being practices to combat burnout and trauma.

📣Join us in transforming the landscape of grantmaking and support a global movement to decolonize funding practices. Together, we can create lasting change! ✊

#WeAreManushyan ♾️ Equal Human Beings


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