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Emilie Pradichit: "We elect Governments, not corporate actors!"

We fight for and advocate for True Democracies; Not Corporatocracies!

#BindingTreaty 🚨 Have you followed the negotiations of the very first legally #BindingTreaty on Business and Human Rights? It is a critical document that will affect the lives of generations to come and the environment we all live in! Watch the intervention of our Founder and Executive Director Emilie Pradichit at the negotiations in Geneva and help us spread the word to #StopCorporateImpunity!

📣 Last week we witnessed vehement negotiations on the ground of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva on the topic of the legally #BindingTreaty on Business and Human Rights, during the 7th session of the open-ended intergovernmental working group (OEIGWG) on transnational corporations and other business enterprises with respect to human rights.

Our Founder and Executive Director Emilie Pradichit was present as part of the ESCR-Net Delegation, a global network of more than 280 organizations. ✊🏽 Together, this Network vividly advocated for a strong treaty that would hold business enterprises accountable and ensure adequate remedies to victims of human rights violations. It's been seven years that the negotiations started, and we need a Binding Treaty to #StopCorporateImpunity NOW!

What did Emilie call for in her intervention? 🗣️

✔️ End of #CorporateCapture

#CorporateCapture has long been a barrier to pushing any kind of systematic change that would ensure the protection of people from corporate abuse and violations. Unfortunately, even the negotiation process has been marked by the lobbying of powerful corporate actors who want to avoid accountability! Corporate language was echoed by some States, such as the United States! 🚨

✔️ Stronger Article 6 on 'Prevention' of the legally #BindingTreaty

Article 6 on Prevention contains important provisions on the duty of States to prevent human rights violations caused by businesses through their legislation, the so-called human rights due diligence. While states that sided with businesses such as the US try to undermine the process, others, for example, like Palestine and Cameroon, have used valid arguments trying to strengthen Article 6! ✊🏽

✔️ States must fulfill their duty to protect human rights and the environment

We elect Governments, not corporate actors! We fight for and advocate for true democracies, not corporatocracies! Governments' primary duty is public service, not to side with businesses. It is States' duty to protect our rights and serve our interests. It is their duty to protect our Planet. However, the reality is different. Human rights and the environment are constantly compromised in the interest of profit-making of the elitist and capitalist 1% 🚫

Help us spread awareness about the treaty process!

👉🏼 Watch the video of Emilie's full intervention on Youtube here.

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👉🏼 What do you think is the first thing we need to do to #StopCorporateImpunity? Let us know in the comments! We will be excited to hear from you!

👉🏼 To learn more, watch our Video on the urgent need for a #BindingTreaty on Business & Human Rights to stop corporate impunity here.


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