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Legally #BindingTreaty: Let's put an end to corporate violations of human rights & the environment!

"After seven years on this process, we ask the question - if not now, when? Now is the time to act. Human rights and the environment cannot wait any longer and we cannot allow corporate capture of our government decision-making processes to continue delaying the realization of our demands." Collective Statement of ESCR-Net on legally #BindingTreaty on Business and Human Rights

#StopCorporateImpunity It has been 7 years since the start of negotiations on the legally #BindingTreaty on Business and Human Rights. Despite the need for such an instrument, governments controlled by #CorporateCapture prioritize Profit over People and the Planet.

📍For years, global civil society has been calling for an instrument that would hold business enterprises accountable while setting a clear standard to control corporate power. In 2014, works on the "Binding Instrument on Transnational Corporations and other Business Enterprises with respect to human rights" started with the hope that this treaty would become the first legally binding human rights instrument that would address corporate conduct that harms both, the people and the Planet.

⚠️ However, a powerful corporate lobby together with some States has been obstructing the process, trying to water down important provisions in the treaty and slow down the negotiations. Why? Because their interests lie only in maximizing profit, no matter the cost.

🗣️ Together with our partners from ESCR-Net, Manushya Foundation's Founder & Executive Director Emilie Pradichit is currently present at the negotiations of the legally #BindingTreaty in Geneva, as part of ESCR-Net, a global network of more than 280 members. Together we are amplifying the voices of communities from across the World and making sure that no one is left behind!

🗣️ Help us push governments to adopt the legally binding treaty and put an end to corporate violations of human rights and the environment!

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👉🏼 Read our collective statement as members of ESCR-Net here


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