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#EqualPayDay: It’s 2022, but women are still paid less for doing the same work as men!

📍Tomorrow marks International #EqualPayDay, a day dedicated to draw attention to the jarring gap between men and women’s wages. Although the fight for women’s rights took off decades ago, women today are still experiencing disadvantages in many facets of life, including their earnings.

📉 In Thailand, women are paid 10% less than men for the same work, according to data from UN Women in 2020. One of the main factors behind this is discrimination based on gender stereotypes. Employers often believe that women’s role as a mother or caretaker will distract them from their job, and therefore should earn less.

📌 However, if women and men carry out the same duties, there is no reason for their pay to be different! Lower income can lead to lower quality of life, and women do not deserve to go through that just because they are women.

#WeAreManushyan ♾ Equal Human Beings

✊🏻 On International Equal Pay Day 2022, we demand that businesses and governments take responsibility and end pay discrimination in the workplace. It’s time that gender roles and stereotypes are eliminated from society, including in the workforce and everywhere else.

🔗 Sources: UN Women, The State of Women’s Economic Empowerment in the Indian Ocean Rim (Country Snapshot: Thailand)

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