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#Feminism: Women and girls, and people of diverse genders, at greater risk of digital harm

🚫 Did you know? 52% of young women globally have experienced some form of digital harm, and 87% of them believe the problem is getting worse.

🚨 There are many risks associated with technology, such as online harassment, cyber-bullying, cyber-stalking, unsolicited sexual messages, non-consensual sharing of intimate photos, data security and privacy risks.

📍There is also an increasing number of websites that are dedicated to sharing “revenge pornography,” with users submitting images of victims (without their consent) accompanied by their personal information. Many cases of suicide have been triggered by such attacks.

💗 How to address technology-facilitated gender-based violence? ⤵️

  • Ensure a strong legal framework is in place to prevent and combat gender-based violence, hate speech and discrimination, and that it is applied effectively;

  • Guarantee easily accessible, safe and specialized mechanisms enabling women to report abuse and obtain the removal of harmful materials;

  • Unite forces and coordinate work with private actors who are driving cyber technologies in combating this phenomenon;

  • Ensure the effective enforcement of social media companies’ obligations to restrict access to illegal content, in line with freedom of expression standards and as interpreted by the judiciary;

  • Raise awareness about this multifaceted problem, alerting society of the risks of online violence and educate children in schools and beyond about their rights and the dangers in the digital space.

👩🏾‍🤝‍👩🏽 March was dedicated to women. Even if the month is now over, we shall continue supporting one another in pursuing our dreams because we have the right to live the life we choose! We shouldn't let anyone's criticism deter us from doing so!

#WeAreManushyan ♾️ Equal Human Beings

🧡💗 Manushya believes in the strength of every woman and every human being. Manushya believes in the strength of every woman and every human being. Therefore, we work together with women to bring more visibility to female perspectives. We push back against patriarchal dominance and through our actions, we build a society where all women are treated as Equal Human Beings.✊



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