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Foodpanda: Why the 'Save Face' Apology is not Enough!

Foodpanda “Save Face” apology is not enough! We demand the company to seriously commit to respect human rights! #PeopleOverProfit ✊🏼

Foodpanda has been under scrutiny ever since their tweet regarding a Pro-democracy rider on 18 July. The tweet referred to his actions as "terrorism" and they threatened to dismiss him. This issue goes beyond just a social media dispute. The actions of #foodpanda directly violate the rights of the rider. The rider's freedoms of speech & association were seen as a "criminal offense". His labor rights were also disregarded in this situation.

However, foodpanda is owned by a German company, Delivery Hero, that compels its subsidiaries and suppliers to respect their Code of Conduct, including #HumanRights & Labor Standards… but foodpanda obviously disregarded these standards.

This issue is not exclusive to this sole event. Foodpanda has a history of not complying with its Parent Company Code of Conduct. During this pandemic, the riders risk their lives to ensure small restaurants can persevere. Yet they face low wages and attacks on their human rights.

Large corporations like foodpanda must be held accountable for choosing profit over people. That single tweet has demeaned the face of foodpanda, and has caused grave repercussions for them. In less than 24h, the financial and reputational risks were so important that foodpanda had to come up with an official apology to “Save Face”!

Although foodpanda did not dismiss the rider and issued an official 'save face' apology on 19 July; the very next day, on 20 July, the rider at the center of the incident, named Sittichok, has been charged by the Thai Police with Royal defamation (lèse majesté) and with violating the emergency decree prohibiting the gathering of more than 5 people. He was allegedly seen burning a Royal portrait during Sunday’s protest on 18 July and face up to 15 years in prison under Section 112 of the criminal code. #Abolish112 #Repeal112

Therefore, was foodpanda's 'Save Face' apology enough? Not at all! Here is what we demand ⬇️

- We need the guarantee that foodpanda won’t do it again; that it won’t violate people’s human rights ever again!

- foodpanda must remember its Code of Conduct and must choose #PeopleOverProfit. It must develop and implement a Corporate Human Rights Policy, in line with the UN Guiding Principle on Business & Human Rights and the Thai National Action Plan on Business & Human Rights.

- foodpanda must better compensate the riders during the #Covid-19 pandemic! It’s time for a #JustEconomy 💸

We also urge the Thai Police to dismiss all charges against the rider, as we believe that attention was brought to his case due to foodpanda's controversial tweet accusing him of 'terrorism'.

How can you help the delivery riders during this pandemic?

👉 Give them ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ & a Good Tip!

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