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#GenocideGames❌ Yesterday started the Olympic Games in Beijing but we will NOT watch!

Read on to know why ⤵️

The 2022 Winter Olympic Games started on February 4 in Beijing, China. But we can't celebrate games taking place under a barbaric and undemocratic regime! We can't watch as if nothing happened.

⛓ Indeed, in Xinjiang, some 800 000 to 2 million Uyghurs and other Muslims, including ethnic Kazakhs and Uzbeks, have been detained, allegedly since April 2017, according to experts and government officials. The Chinese government is still arguing that what they call vocational training centers do not infringe on Uyghurs’ human rights. But in the camps, millions of human beings are sterilised, tortured, enslaved sexually abused.

That's not all, China is also massively violating human rights in Tibet. The Chinese authorities are dramatically expanding a mass labour programme, which analysts have compared to alleged forced labour operations in Xinjiang. Tibetans are undergoing mass internment for "re-education", as well as surveillance, restrictions on religious and cultural beliefs, and forced sterilisation of women. Those practices amount to cultural genocide! It's been decades that China has been trying to wipe out Tibet as a nation. It has to stop! Since 2009, at least 154 Tibetans have set their bodies ablaze to protest against Chinese policies and its rule in Tibet...

🚨 In Hong Kong, the authorities use a new national security law since June last year, to target dissent and justify censorship, harassment, arrests and prosecutions that violate human rights. Life in Hong Kong is governed by police brutality against protesters and persons in custody; arbitrary arrests, serious restrictions on free expression, the press, and the Internet; as well as substantial interference with the rights of peaceful assembly and freedom of association.

#WeAreManushyan - Equal Human beings

✊ We stand together with human rights groups, activists as well as sovereign states all over the world boycotting the Olympic Games of Beijing! We can't support and light up the stadiums, while the camps are still in the dark.

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👉 Are you going to boycott the Olympics with us? Let us know in the comments ⤵️

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