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Human Of Courage “May nobody ever face the same pain or loss that our family did. "

Sureerat Chiwarak, mother of pro-democracy protest leader “Penguin” Parit Chiwarak (Translation of her quote from Thai to English provided by Thai Enquirer)

It’s been 46 days since Penguin started his hunger strike to demand for his right to bail to be respected, according to due process. He’s been unfairly detained under Section 112 (Lèse Majesté), waiting for his trial. His health conditions are severely deteriorating, and he’s been sent to the hospital few hours ago.

Sureerat, his Mother, has been fighting for her son’s right to be granted bail in order to fairly defend his case! However, yesterday, Penguin’s bail request was rejected for the 9th time - proving that Thailand’s justice system is definitely CRUEL & INHUMAN!!

Today, Sureerat submitted another request for Penguin’s bail and shaved her hair as a plead for justice, and for her son not to die in jail!

Sureerat doesn’t demand justice for her son only, but she fights for justice for all those who have been wronged by the inhuman judicial system, all those who have been unjustly charged and detained because for courageously speaking truth to power!

We stand in solidarity with Sureerat in her fight for justice. We call on Thai authorities to recognize the basic right of the defendant to be granted bail during the pre-trial period as they are not convicted and should be presumed innocent until the court gives their verdict, in accordance with Thailand’s international human rights obligations, enshrined in the International Covenant on Civil & Political Rights (ICCPR).


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