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If it isn't intersectional, it isn't feminism!

#IntersectionalFeminism ♀️ We all go through different kinds of struggles and white middle-class liberal feminism is not enough!

🚨 Women working in a textile industry exploited by capitalist norms.

🚨 Indigenous women who lose their lands and livelihoods to business operations.

🚨 Women migrants who are vulnerable to human trafficking.

🚨 Women refugees and asylum seekers who are forced to live in detention centers and often face refoulement - forced to return to their country of origin where their lives might be in danger.

🚨 Transwomen who face violence and hate speech.

🚨 Women sex workers who lost their livelihoods because of the COVID-19 pandemic & can't feed their families.

🚨 Lesbian, bi-women, transwomen and gender nonconforming persons who are denied their right to #MarriageEquality.

🚨 Women with disabilities sexually exploited even within their own families and communities.

Examples are endless but one thing is clear: patriarchal oppression comes in many different shapes and sizes and only an intersectional approach to feminism allows us to take all of our differences into account and fight back! ✊

📍 At Manushya Foundation, we are committed to such an approach and apply it in all our work. 🗣️ Be it calling on the Thai government in front of the United Nations Human Rights Mechanisms for allowing and perpetuating discrimination against indigenous and ethnic minority women, or by supporting women human rights defenders in their quest for Justice!

#WeAreManushyan ♾️ Equal Human Beings

👉 Join us this year in our crucial work to make human rights for EVERYONE a reality! ✊

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🎨 Amazing illustration by Odile Bree


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