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Joint Statement - Thai Government must help those who flee from Myanmar to seek refuge in Thailand!

The Thai Government must help those who flee from the onslaught of violence from the Myanmar army to seek refuge in Thailand! Read the joint statement from 23 Civil Society organizations and more details below.

Since the Myanmar military staged a coup on February 1, it has been using extreme violence to suppress the anti-coup pro-democracy movement spreading across Myanmar, killing and brutally beating the peaceful protestors. As of now, according to AAPP (Assistance Association for Political Prisoners - Burma), 738 people were killed by the Myanmar military junta. The UN even condemned this violence as ‘Crime Against Humanity’!

Moreover, the Myanmar military also intensified its violence against ethnic groups in the country since many have shown their support and joined the pro-democracy movement.

On March 28, the military indiscriminately bombed the area occupied mainly by the Karen indigenous peoples. This resulted in displacement of thousands of Karen indigenous peoples including women, children, and youth as they were forced to flee from their home or risk losing their lives!

Now many of them are trying to cross the Thai-Myanmar border to survive by seeking safe shelter in Thailand and for those who have made it across the border, they have been hiding in the forest in fear of being sent back. Thai PM Prayut Chan-o-cha stated that the Thai government would not force those seeking refuge back to Myanmar - SO we urge his government to “Walk the Talk” and take REAL ACTIONS!

Manushya Foundation and 22 civil society organizations call for the Thai government to step up and take action by providing necessary aid including food, shelter, and medical aids, giving clear guideline to relevant government agencies in order to facilitate an effective aid delivery, and lastly, respecting the non-refoulement principle and international human rights standards.

Read the full statement here


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