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LGBTI Human Rights Defenders, Not Criminals!

🚨 Demanding Marriage Equality & Equal Rights is not a crime! Today, twenty (20) LGBTIQ+ activists 🏳️‍🌈 including our Human Rights Campaign Advisor & LGBTIQ+ activist, Nada Chaiyajit; our Board Member & LGBTIQ+ activist Sirisak Chaited; Sulaiporn Chonwilai and Supecha Baotip from Tamtang Group, rejected all allegations of violating the state of emergency under COVID-19 when they took the stage at the #MarriageEquality protest at Ratchaprasong Intersection in Bangkok on 28 November 2021. They rightly exercised their fundamental right to freedom of assembly! #ม็อบสมรสเท่าเทียม

⚠️ They attended a Bangkok police station today after being summoned earlier this month after protesting against the homophobic verdict issued by the Constitutional Court claiming that #MarriageEquality would be against "natural order" and comparing LGBTIQ+ individuals to animals. All activists took a strong stance against such discriminatory treatment and have fought for human rights of the LGBTIQ+ community ✊ The excuse of the police that the protest was against COVID-19 regulations does not fool anyone!

🏳️‍🌈 @manushyafoundation calls on Thai authorities to immediately stop all forms of harassment against LGBTI activists! We stand in solidarity with the overall LGBITQ+ community in Thailand. We believe that as Equal Human Beings, we all deserve to love and be loved, regardless of our sexual orientation or gender identity! ✊🏼 Join the call to legalize marriage equality now! Sign the petition here: #LoveWINS 🧡

#WeAreManushyan ♾️ Equal Human Beings - Equality for ALL!


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