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Marriage Equality vs. Civil Partnership: Why we must support 1448!

#MarriageEquality 🏳️‍🌈 Do you remember the November verdict of the Constitutional Court of Dinosaurs? The Court, as well as the Government, wants to persuade us that we don't need marriage equality. Instead, they are trying to promote second-class citizen treatment of the LGBTIQ+ community through the Civil Partnership Bill. Why the Bill doesn't guarantee equal rights? Read more 👇

📍 On 17 November 2021, the Constitutional Court of Thailand decided that Section 1448 of the Civil and Commercial Code is not unconstitutional - even though this law obviously restricts the rights of the LGBTIQ+ community and makes them second-class citizens! Section 1448 only accepts marriage between a man and a woman and therefore excludes a large number of people who don't fall under these obsolete gender-binary & heteronormative categories.

🚨 Instead, the Government pretends that the Civil Partnership Bill is an answer to the pleas of the LGBTIQ+ community for equality and human rights. It is most certainly not. Things like the possibility of adoption, property management and inheritance remain a privilege of heterosexual married couples - where are the equal rights then?

⚠️ Meanwhile, the Government is spreading its lies internationally as well. At its 3rd UPR in November, a UN human rights review that only happens every five years, the Government presented the Civil Partnership Bill as the solution to the unequal position of the LGBTIQ+ in Thai society. But the international community was not fooled: 4 countries - Luxembourg, France, Iceland and the Netherlands - recommended Thailand to amend Section 1448 & ensure that marriage equality becomes a reality!

#WeAreManushyan - Equal Human Beings 🏳️‍🌈

👉 Join the call to legalize marriage equality now! Sign the petition here: #LoveWINS 🧡

👉 What are the obstacles the LGBTIQ+ community faces in Thailand? Read our informative UPR Factsheet on the Situation of LGBTIQ+ Persons, including LGBTIQ+ Youth & Children in Thailand. Access here.

👉 Stay tuned for more posts on the outcomes of Thailand's two most recent human rights reviews!

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