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#NYResolution In 2022, put Yourself first ❤️🙏

#NYResolution ❤️ In 2022, put Yourself first ❤️🙏

Resharing our Fav’ #Selfcare tip to kick off 2022 right!

« It takes courage to say YES to REST & PLAY, in a culture where exhaustion is seen as a status symbol » ~ quote by @BreneBrown

With Omicron spreading all over the world, 2022 might still not be a "normal" year so don't forget to:

⭐ be kind to yourself

⭐ breathe

⭐ cherish the small things

⭐ allow yourself to be vulnerable

👉 What is your #NewYearResolution?

Let’s talk about this ⤵️

💭💬 Share with us your #Selfcare tips and routine so we could all help each other to be kind & loving to ourselves ⤵️

Illustration by @hannah_neese


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