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Period Poverty: Can you imagine not being able to afford sanitary products to manage your period?

#PeriodPoverty #ผ้าอนามัยไม่มีภาษี

🩸 Can you imagine not being able to access or afford sanitary products to manage your period?

A tampon or a sanitary pad is a necessity for every person who menstruates, yet not everyone can afford and access it.

👉 In Thailand, pads and tampons are classified as cosmetic products and have a 7% value-added tax. Assuming someone uses 5 pads a day, menstrual care takes up over 12% of their daily minimum wage of 313 Baht ($9.95 USD).

So, what does it mean?

It means that many working-class people who menstruate experience period poverty in Thailand as their income is too low for menstrual care.

⁉️ 49% of people who menstruate have worn a pad or tampon for more than 4 hours because they didn't have enough to get by. The number is HUGE, it's not just a number; it represents individuals who experience inaccessibility to sanitary products. Imagine the damage this could do physically and mentally leaving a tampon in too long!

People who menstruate should no longer have to choose between buying sanitary products or other basic needs for living their lives.

✊ Sanitary products should be FREE & accessible to everyone!


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