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#Podcast - UDHR@75: Can our human rights system ever fulfil its promise?

#Podcast: Emilie Palamy Pradichit joined Akwe Amosu, Nani Jansen Reventlow, Samson Itodo, Alberto Vasquez, and Chris Stone for a passionate Podcast discussion on the “UDHR@75: Can our human rights system ever fulfil its promise?”, powered by Strength & Solidarity. 

Reflecting on the governments’ now 75-year-old commitments to defend and protect human rights, the group of moderators from the Symposium on Strength and Solidarity for Human Rights sat down together to dissect the reasons behind the multiple failures of the global human rights system.

Through her reflections and insights, Emilie discusses global human rights struggles against the failures of the UDHR, 75 years later: 'We need a revolution (...) it’s in our hands to make that revolution happen.', Emilie said. 

For her, something has to change: “Yes, the UDHR was beautiful when it came out – it was about peace, it was about “no more genocide.” But look at what we’re experiencing, 75 years later! States have failed. They came up with a system that they’re not even using, while we human rights practitioners are trying to use it, and there’s real fatigue. So I feel there’s a need to shift the power.”

She didn’t fail to address the need for decolonization and de-casting within the field, as "there’s this need to recognize the fact that people from lived experience and people from the ground are not necessarily leading the human rights work."

In the current ongoing Gaza genocide against Palestinian people, Emilie calls for immediate solidarity, noting, "the most oppressed people are the ones who are showing up right away. And those who are questioning and doubting whether they should show solidarity (...) are the people who are sitting on privileges, who are scared of losing their privileges."

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