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#MentalHealthAwarenessMonth #BeFearless ❣️ By confronting your greatest fears, you unlock your greatest strengths!

🎐Wherever there is injustice in our society, you will find fear at its heart. It’s sad to think about. But simultaneously, it can bring us inner peace! As difficult as it is to abolish fear, remembering that it is at the root of suffering helps us know what we are up against, so we can become more focused on overcoming it. 

💥We can abolish fear with Radical Self Care and Community Care! #RadicalSelfCare and #RadicalComunityCare are processes through which we all, individually AND collectively, confront and overcome fear. One could call it 'exposure therapy.' The more we approach fear - with courage as well as compassion for ourselves and others - the more easily we can heal.

🫂 Avoiding feelings, and avoiding face-to-face, human-to-human confrontation and conflict with others is not going to help us achieve liberation. We cannot ‘live laugh love’ our way out of injustice. Whitewashed, corporate-washed, culturally appropriated 'yoga' and 'meditation' are not going to save us. Not forgiving yourself, and not apologising to others, are not helping us heal. And our global epidemic of people not expressing our love and appreciation for ourselves and our community more often shows just how deeply entrenched we are in fear.

👊As with everything we talk about in our #SelfCare series, we know that this advice is easier given than taken! Radical Self Care and Community Care would not be ‘radical’ if it were easy. If it were easy, decolonization, the fight for liberation, and life under capitalism in general would not be a constant struggle.

🫀Life is too short for whitewashed, colonial, capitalist, avoidant, cowardly mental health strategies masquerading as 'healthy' or 'peacemaking' solutions. 

Quote Source: Ismatu Gwendolyn, "12 | Self love literally can never save us.," Threadings on Substack, 2 May 2024. Available at:

#WeAreManushyan ♾️ Equal Human Beings 


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