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Safe Abortion Is A Human Right!

23 December 2020 was a historic day for safe abortion in Thailand! Members of Parliament voted in favour of 2 proposals to amend Section 301 criminalizing abortion in Thailand.

The proposals would allow abortion to be performed within a limited timeframe: within 12 weeks as proposed by the Cabinet or within 24 weeks as proposed by the Move Forward Party. But this is not enough as in both legislative proposals, Section 301 of the Criminal Code still remains.

Section 301 of the Criminal Code is not only violating the Thai Constitution, but it is also violating International Human Rights Standards. United Nations Human Rights bodies have provided clear guidance on the need to decriminalize abortion because abortion is a human right!

We want:

  1. Instead of accepting only 12 weeks of legal abortion, the bill proposing 24 weeks of legal abortion must be accepted.

  2. The Thai Government and the MPs must repeal Section 301 completely for the right to safe abortion for everyone to be respected.

How can you help?

  • Please like, share this with your community, and save this post to help raise awareness on safe abortion.

  • Follow @Tamtang_Group to get more updates and information.

  • Sign the petition on Change.org to decriminalize abortion by revoking Section 301! (Please use a VPN to access change.org if you’re in Thailand because the Thai government has locally banned its access)

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