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#SaveNada: Why Are We Seeking Justice Before the UN for Nada Chaiyajit?

🛑 ⚖️ #SaveNada: Why Are We Seeking Justice Before the UN for Nada Chaiyajit, Human Rights Defender and LGBTIQ+ Rights Activist?

📢 This is the story of a human rights defender who is sued for doing her job. Can you imagine a vendor being sued for trading? What about a taxi driver sued for driving passengers to their destinations?

The answer is probably NO. ➡️ Keep reading to see what HRDs have to endure in Thailand.

⚠️ More and more, human rights defenders, activists, and journalists in Thailand are being penalized for speaking out against wrongdoings, especially online. Public authorities and businesses have turned to defamation laws to silence any truth that hurts them. The sad fact that defamation is still a criminal offense in Thailand also contributes to the severity of this form of harassment.

❗️ Most recently, Nada Chaiyajit, an intersex transwoman human rights defender, was summoned and is likely to be charged for denouncing a Move Forward Party politician for having sexually harassed his employee on her social media. All of this is being imposed on her merely for exposing a case of human rights violation and standing by justice!

#WeAreManushyan ♾ Equal Human Beings

✊ Manushya Foundation stands in solidarity with Nada and every human rights defender who is a victim of SLAPP. We demand that all acts of harassment, including legal charges, against Nada Chaiyajit end immediately! To protect HRDs and freedom of expression, we also urge that the Thai government enact an effective and inclusive anti-SLAPP law, and repeal criminal defamation laws once and for all.

☝️ YOU can help spread the word about this human rights abuse by using #SaveNada to join the campaign.

🔗 Read the full UN complaint and more about our demands on our website ➡️


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