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#SolidarityWithSanna: Women can do whatever they want!

#SolidarityWithSanna ✊🏻 Women can do whatever they want!

💼 Women, including those in leadership positions, should be praised for thriving both at work and in their personal lives. Whether they work 9 to 5 jobs, are stay-at-home moms, or take on the role of leading their countries, they all deserve the freedom to enjoy their lives freely and party without being scrutinized!

❗️The scandal caused by the sight of female leaders partying is rooted in biases against successful women. Women have always been put into boxes and expected to follow rules created by men. It’s time we come together to end misogyny, patriarchy and sexism!

#WeAreManushyan ♾ Equal Human Beings

💖 As a women-led intersectional feminist organization, Manushya Foundation stands in solidarity with women who are facing discriminations and injustices in their day-to-day lives.

✊🏻 We are committed to ensuring that women human rights defenders and other women-led organizations overcome the systemic oppression based on gender and achieve their full potential!


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