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#StopDigitalDictatorship 📲🚫How does Digital Dictatorship take advantage of the masses, like during the Covid-19 Pandemic?

#StopDigitalDictatorship - Hey there, freedom fighters! 🕊️ The pandemic reshaped Southeast Asia, and not for the better. 🌏 While we were urged to 'stay safe at home,' our governments took this as a green light to further tighten their grip on our digital lives. 📲🚫

📝 In our latest report, we explored how Southeast Asian countries used emergency measures to limit our freedoms. It's a must-read! Yep, our increased time online didn't just mean more Zoom calls; it became an opportunity for exploitation. They clamped down on information, arguing they were combating the spread of 'false information' about COVID-19. But who decides what's false and what's not? 🤔

🔥It's high time we challenge these narratives, dig deeper into the real issues, and advocate for transparency and truth. Knowledge is indeed power, and together we can arm ourselves and our communities with the information and tools needed to reclaim our digital rights. 📚💪

🔗Click to access the full report. Join us in understanding the challenges faced and standing up for digital rights in Southeast Asia. Let's raise awareness and ensure our voices are heard! 

#WeAreManushyan ∞ Equal Human Beings 


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