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#StopTransnationalRepression  📣 A Cambodian Activist Monk’s Escape to Freedom!

#StopTransnationalRepression 📣 Heng Kem Lay, a respected monk and human rights activist, has been a vocal advocate for democracy in Cambodia since 1994, despite facing severe persecution. 

❌ His outspoken activism led to detentions and forced exile, culminating in seeking refuge in Thailand after being expelled from his temple and prosecuted by Cambodian authorities. 

👮Despite his refugee status in Thailand, he then became a target for transnational repression, with Thai authorities locating him and presenting him with an ultimatum to either vacate his residence or be arrested! 

🤝 Manushya Foundation stepped in quicky and helped him to relocate to a safe house, providing financial, material and legal support while awaiting his resettlement to a third safe country. 

✈️ Safely resettled in Australia in 2024, Heng Kem Lay now lives without fear of imprisonment, extradition, enforced disappearance or extrajudicial killing - resuming his advocacy work and rebuilding his life. 

📣 We stand in solidarity with the human rights defenders in their fight against the rising trend of transnational repression! 

#WeAreManushyan ♾️ Equal Human Beings


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