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The Women Who Inspire Us - #IWD2021 #SheInspiresMe

On this International Women's Day, we celebrate the brave, courageous and powerful women that inspire us! Every day, they give us the force to keep fighting for what is right. So today, we pay tribute to 8 wonderful women, 8 women who are brave enough to take on the biggest challenges and fight for their rights and protect others. 8 truly inspiring women! Thinzar, an anti-coup activist focusing on digital rights, a youth advocate and feminist who is doing everything in her power to call for democracy in Myanmar and stop the Burmese government’s dictatorship! Muay, a Lao Woman Human Rights Defender who has fought against corruption and adverse impact of businesses in her country and was unfairly arrested after asking for help for flood victims in the South of Laos. Premsinee, a prominent Woman Human Rights Defender fighting to protect community rights, the environment and natural resources from a gold mining company and leading villagers to pursue a class action lawsuit against this company. June, a Thai transgender woman who chose to voice out her complaint against the mistreatment and discrimination she faced when she applied at Cute Press Cosmetics and got rejected because of her gender identity.

Nada, a Thai intersex and transgender advocate who was a victim of transphobic insults from a Thai TV journalist but still stands strong and keep fighting for trans rights and gender equality!

Nittaya, an inspiring Woman Human Rights Defender leading her community to defend their land and fight against Thailand’s misuse of forestry policies. She never gives up and fights to protect the rights of communities living in forest areas!

Kath, a Thai transgender activist and lecturer at Thammasat University’s School of Social Work, who is leading the legal gender recognition movement in Thailand to ensure all transgender students and individuals can be themselves!

Panan, a Thai transgender woman and LGBTIQ+ rights defender who was charged under Article 116 and the COVID-19 Emergency Decree established by the Thai government for joining the pro-democracy protests.

Thank you for being such an inspiration!! We love you!


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