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🗓 This week, October 23-29, we celebrate Ace Week!

It’s the time dedicated to raising awareness around asexuality and all identities that fall under the asexual spectrum. Asexual people, or people who experience little to no sexual attraction, are not new, but stigma around this identity is very much in the present.

👨‍👩‍👧 When society values heterosexuality as the default and sees reproduction as the center of all romantic relationships, other sexualities and identities are marginalized and constantly rejected. However, asexuality is valid and all identities under the ace-umbrella should be embraced!

⬇️ Here’s are some of harmful myths and misconceptions about asexual people that we should aim to dispel.

❌ Asexuality is a mental illness.

✅ Asexuality is among a wide range of real sexual orientations, which do not need to be cured.

❌ Asexuality is a result of “past sexual trauma”.

✅ Sexual orientations or gender identities cannot be easily changed or influenced a certain way, as research has repeatedly shown.

❌ All asexuals are repulsed to sex and do not have sex at all.

✅ Some self-identified asexuals may feel sexually attracted to others on specific occasions or can participate in sex despite the lack of sexual attraction. After all, asexuality is a spectrum and can be fluid.

❌ Asexual people do not desire romantic relationships.

✅ Asexual people may feel romantic attraction, which is completely separated from sexual attraction, and many are in loving, non-sexual relationships.

#WeAreManushyan ♾️ Equal Human Beings

✊ Manushya Foundation stands in solidarity with everyone who identifies as asexual. All shades of asexuality are beautiful, and they are no less part of the LGBTIQ+ community than any other identities. We urge that society respect the self-identification of gender and sexual diverse individuals, stay open-minded, and continue to learn and embrace the diversity of humans.


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