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Today marks World Day Against Trafficking in Persons!

On this important day, Manushya Foundation wants to raise awareness about the devastating issue of Human Trafficking worldwide. This year's theme, "Leave No One Behind," serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of addressing this critical issue and safeguarding the most vulnerable!

Globally, millions of individuals become victims of trafficking each year, enduring hardships both within their own countries and across international borders. Trafficking affects almost every country, whether they serve as countries of origin, transit, or destination for victims.

The practice of human trafficking particularly targets the most vulnerable in society, including women and children, by exploiting their aspirations for a better life. In addition, global crises such as climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic have exacerbated existing inequalities and poverty, making people even more susceptible to exploitation.

The victims of human trafficking can endure unimaginable horrors, ranging from forced labour to sexual exploitation, or torture. Stripped of their dignity and basic human rights, they often suffer in silence, hidden from view and isolated from any form of assistance.

In South East Asia, did you know that a significant human trafficking hotspot is in Laos?

The Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone in Laos has become notorious for being a significant hub for trafficking rings, where, every year, thousands of individuals become victims of human trafficking and are held against their will.

Each year, many impoverished individuals from Laos and foreigners lured on social media platforms by the promise of lucrative jobs find themselves trapped in the SEZ, and forced to engage in online scams.

The victims have to meet unrealistic daily quotas, and those unable to meet them face torture, mistreatment, or are even being traded as commodities to other criminal groups. Accounts of murder, depression, and suicidal thoughts in the trafficking rings are frequently reported.

Those who have been rescued or escaped depict horrifying stories of beatings, electric shocks, water torture, sexual exploitation or even starvation. From January to August 2022 alone, local police helped more than 1,000 people who fell victim to human trafficking in the Lao Special Economic Zone.

How many more are still trapped there, and since when?

#WeAreManushyan ∞ Equal Human Beings

On this special day, Manushya Foundation stands united with all the victims of human trafficking. We call on governments worldwide to take concrete action to #EndHumanTrafficking and to protect and support the victims.

Join us in raising awareness about Human Trafficking! Help us spread the word and together, we can make a difference!



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