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Rest In Power, Angel! We Will Never Forget You

Rest In Power, Angel! Today, we pay tribute to Angel, a brave young woman who was killed during a peaceful protest against the military coup in Myanmar.

On March 3, Ma Kyal Sin, also known as Angel, a 19-year-old protester wearing a shirt that read : “Everything will be OK” was shot in the head and killed by the Myanmar security forces. On the same day, 38 protesters were killed in cities and towns across the country. It was the bloodiest day since the military took power.

Aware that she was risking her life by joining the protest, Angel had posted her medical details on social media and the request to donate her organs if she was killed. She was a brave, fearless and caring young woman who helped other protestors and fought at the frontline. Moments before she was shot in the head, she was passing water to other protestors so that they could wash tear gas from their eyes.

Shooting and killing peaceful protestors is apparently not enough for Myanmar authorities: on 5 March, the body of Angel was removed from her grave, examined and returned, before the tomb was re-sealed in Mandalay. How wrong is that? Do they have no shame?!

Like Angel, many other women are at the frontlines of the protests in Myanmar. Women have gathered for daily marches, representing striking unions of teachers, garment workers and medical workers — all sectors dominated by women. They protest in creative ways and challenge traditional gender stereotypes!

Manushya Foundation stands in solidarity with the brave people of Myanmar who fight for democracy, against dictatorship and for the respect of their rights and freedoms! We call on the Myanmar military to stop detaining and murdering the protesters immediately!


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