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Why do Corporate Accountability & Climate Justice matter?

🌏 We live in a climate crisis. More frequent floods, drought, and other extreme weather events are a direct consequence of the Earth's increasing temperature. During the month of July, we will unveil how this climate crisis impacts the human rights of communities in Thailand, how it relates to negative impacts of business operations, and what Manushya Foundation is doing to tackle these challenges. Stay tuned! 🗣

📍 Corporations contribute immensely when they emit greenhouse gases and cause industrial pollution and deforestation so it is no surprise that the issue of corporate accountability has been receiving more attention from the international community lately. At the same time, action to tackle the climate emergency often hurts the most marginalized communities -while letting corporations off the hook.

That's where 'Corporate Accountability' comes in. It refers to the idea of making private parties, business enterprises, or investors, accountable for their decisions, actions, and operations. They are required to describe and account for how they prevent, mitigate or remedy any human rights or environmental harms linked to their operations.

Then why is Corporate Accountability closely linked to climate justice?

Climate justice recognizes the disproportionate impacts of climate change on marginalized communities around the world: the people least responsible for the problem. At the same time, it counters false climate solutions which are supposedly tackling climate change but in fact, they only hurt people, in particular indigenous peoples and other forest-dependent communities. Climate Justice also brings attention to the fact that many of the individuals fighting for climate action and human rights in relation to the environment face reprisals, violent attacks, or even criminalization at the hands of the state.

By ensuring corporate accountability, we would be able to prevent environmental harm by companies that violate human rights, limit the creation of new false climate solutions and make sure that victims of past violations caused by businesses will get the remedy they deserve. Only then we can talk about Climate Justice and truly Just, Inclusive, Green, and Feminist Transition!

In Thailand, Manushya Foundation is at the forefront of the fight for #CorporateAccountability and #ClimateJustice!

Manushya Foundation exposes false climate solutions and instances of corporate human rights violations through advocacy, campaigning, research, coalition building, sub-granting, and capacity development. We also put forward community-based recommendations to decision-makers on the national and international levels and offer solutions that return power to local communities. We also directly support local initiatives that promote the use of renewable energy in a community setting. Stay tuned to learn more about our project in the south of Thailand!

➡️ Learn more about Manushya Foundation’s work and achievements under Corporate Accountability and Climate Justice:

✊🏼 Manushya Foundation will keep fighting for the #CorporateAccountability for #ClimateJustice!



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