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1 year after the Court ruled calls for royal reform an attempt to overthrow the monarchy

#Abolish112 #ยกเลิก112 📍 One year after the Constitutional Court ruled calls for royal reform an attempt to overthrow the monarchy. Let’s revisit how it erodes free speech in Thailand. ⬇️

⚖️ Amid increasingly intense demands for Thailand's monarchy reforms since 2020, those in power have strived to preserve the status quo through establishing that honest criticisms are in violation of the laws. In one of the most worrying developments concerning Thailand's pro-democracy movement, the Constitutional Court issued a verdict that calls for reforms of the royal institution is an attempt to "overthrow the constitutional monarchy".

📝 Not only does this ruling create a chilling effect and deter people from exercising their right to question the monarchy, but it also has serious implications for the enforcement of lèse-majesté against political activists and critics of the establishment.

➡️ Swipe to read more about the 2021 Constitutional Court's ruling on monarchy reforms and its impact on free speech in Thailand.

✊ Manushya Foundations urges the Thai government to take all necessary steps to protect people’s right to freedom of speech and respect its international human rights obligations. In order to strengthen equality and justice, differing opinions must be encouraged, not diminished.


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