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#14October1973 Remembering the 14 October 1973 Uprising: Victory of the People📍

📍 50 years ago today, the 14 October 1973 Uprising took place, which remains one of the most important events in modern Thai history. A major victory for the people, the protests resulted in the end of Thanom Kittikachorn’s military dictatorship. The significance of the event is further amplified by the university-student leaders' success in unifying the entire country for a common goal.

Besides the victory, let's also not forget that, on that day, while being ordered to disperse violence broke out, the government brought in tanks, helicopters, and other military-grade weapons to support the police, resulting in 77 deaths and 857 injuries.

Now that 50 years have passed, Thailand's military dictators are still governing and seizing control of the country. Pro-democracy youth students and The People are still tirelessly fighting for true democracy. Police and authorities are still using even more and more excessive force to disperse the protests, exhausting us by depriving our basic human rights and charging those who have stood up under repressive laws for their activism.

#WeAreManushyan ♾ Equal Human Beings

📣 Manushya Foundation stands in solidarity with all pro-democracy activists and demonstrators who have faced violence during protests and those who are arrested, detained, and denied bail. We call on the Thai government and authorities to desist from repeating the violations of the past and ensure everyone is protected and safe.


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