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Pro-democracy activist Bas sentenced to 42 yrs in prison for Facebook posts "defaming" the monarchy

⚠️ #DigitalRights 🚨 BREAKING: Pro-democracy activist Bas sentenced to 42 years in prison for Facebook posts "defaming" the monarchy

⚖️📌 On January 26, Chiangrai Provincial Court found Mongkol “Bas” Tirakot, an 29-year-old activist from Chiangrai, was found guilty of royal defamation or Article 112 for 14 Facebook posts, according to Thai Lawyers For Human Rights (TLHR). He was sentenced to 42 years in prison, but reduced to 28 years for being cooperative.

📱 Bas was initially charged with Article 112 and Computer Crime Act for 27 posts on Facebook. The posts in question include his opinion about royals’ portraits, videos about Thailand’s royal institution shared from foreign press, or posts shared from renowned academic and royal critic Somsak Jeamteerasakul’s Facebook page.

#Abolish112 📝 Since the use of Article 112 was revived in late 2020, Bas has faced the highest number of charges. The prison sentence he received is also the most severe since the case of Anchan Preelert, in which she was handed down 87 years in prison in January 2021 for sharing YouTube videos critical of the monarchy.

📢 In addition to Bas, there are loads of pro-democracy activists arrested and charged with lèse-majesté. Many of them face multiple criminal charges and might receive multi-year prison terms if convicted of all charges. For instance, Parit ‘Penguin’ Chiwarak is facing 23 lèse-majesté cases, while Anont Nampa 14. We must keep a close eye on all forms of harassment targeted at critics of the regime and continue to condemn the government for silencing dissent. Criticizing the monarchy is not a crime!

#WeAreManushyan ♾️ Equal Human Beings

#StopDigitalDictatorship ✊ Manushya Foundation stands in solidarity with all pro-democracy activists, protesters, and human rights defenders in demanding TRUE democracy and reform of the monarchy.

📢 We vehemently condemn the abusive use of the lèse-majesté law to crack down on critics and activists. We call on the Thai government to respect its international human rights obligations on the right to freedom of expression and information, laid down in article 19 of the UDHR and ICCPR. It must comply with the UPR recommendations on freedom of expression, including the revision of section 112, which it received during its 3rd UPR cycle.



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