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🇵🇸 #FreePalestine Manushya Joined 139 International Human Rights Organizations From Around The World In Support Of Palestinians V. Biden

🇵🇸 #FreePalestine Manushya Joined 139 International Human Rights Organizations From Around The World In Support Of Palestinians V. Biden

🕊️ Manushya Foundation is clear in our stance and fiercely amplifies our pledge of support to the Centre for Constitutional Rights’ case: Defense for Children International Palestine v. Biden. Our endorsement is among 139 International Human Right’s Organizations from around the world who are fervently backing Palestinians’ appeal of the January 31 decision where the court reluctantly dismissed the case on jurisdictional grounds but found a plausible case of genocide against the Palestinian population in Gaza. The case “implored” the Biden administration to examine its “unflagging support” for Israel’s assault.  

🏛️ We argue that the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals must consider their claims that U.S. officials are failing to prevent - and are complicit in - Israel’s genocide in Gaza. The lawsuit asks the court to enjoin President Biden, Secretary of State Blinken, and Secretary of Defense Austin from providing weapons and other forms of support for Israel’s genocide of Palestinians. The administration has sent more than one hundred arms shipments to Israel since October 7 and continues to provide weapons without conditions, even as an emerging famine kills more children in Gaza. 

📙 The brief makes four key points in arguing how and why the U.S. must be held accountable for its actions and inactions related to Israel’s unlawful bombardment of Gaza:

1️⃣ The norm against genocide is one of the most fundamental international legal norms: The Genocide Convention codifies the universally binding international legal norm prohibiting genocide. No state can make a policy decision to violate its obligations under the treaty or customary international law. 

2️⃣ The justiciability of the United States’ duties to prevent, and not be complicit in, genocide: Courts and tribunals have built a robust jurisprudence on the elements of genocide that must be applied by the federal court in this case. 

3️⃣ Domestic courts are the appropriate place to enforce of the prohibition against genocide: Since the U.S. has hindered international courts from acting on these rules, U.S. federal courts are now the only place where these important rules can be enforced. The brief points to the recent ruling by a Dutch appeals court to block exports of parts of F-35 fighter jets stockpiled in the Netherlands as an example of how domestic courts must step in.

4️⃣ The United States’ contribution to the erosion of long- and widely-held peremptory norms of international law: If the U.S. doesn’t correct its actions that go against its responsibility to prevent and not contribute to genocide, this negligence could damage international law standards. The U.S.’s actions and inactions could embolden other nations to disregard fundamental international norms, posing dire risks to vulnerable populations worldwide and jeopardizing the U.S.’s own moral and strategic interests.

💔 The death toll in Gaza surpasses 31,000, which does not even include the thousands still buried under the rubble. The death toll in occupied West Bank has surpassed 360 since October 7. The world has painfully witnessed the indiscriminate killing of the Palestinian people for over 75 years, 163 days, and counting. It is our moral commitment to hold Biden, Blinken and Austin accountable as they continue to ignore and abuse international rules of law. 

Hossam Bahgat, an Egyptian human-rights activist and founder of the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights, expressed concerns over the inability to hold the US accountable: “For months, people in the Arab world and across the Global South have observed the Biden administration's inability to halt the ongoing violence in Gaza. This inaction, coupled with the U.S. supplying Israel with weapons, funds, and diplomatic support has raised serious concerns. Not holding Biden, Blinken, and Austin accountable would undermine international norms and the rule of law.”

🕊️ This signals a significant moment for the global human-rights community as it highlights the necessity for emergency measures and resolutions that honor the rights and humanity of the Palestinian people. 

#WeAreManushyan ♾ Equal Human Beings

📢 Join us in our demands for world leaders to #StopIsraelsGenocide

We must continue advocating, pledging and appealing for a #FreePalestine as we believe every contribution gets us one step closer to peace and justice. Our hearts are with every Palestinian each leap of the way. 

Let us unite and fight for #PalestinianLiberation together - because we never get free alone. 

Read Amicus Curiae on our website:


  • Anadolu Agency, 360 Palestinians killed by Israeli fire in West Bank since Oct. 7, 17 January 2024.

  • Middle East Monitor, Gaza death toll nears 31,300, 13 March 2024. 


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