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Happy International Workers' Day!

Happy International Workers’ Day!

On Labor Day we honor the achievements and contributions of workers to society and are reminded that all work is equal! Most importantly, we reaffirm that true equality and fairness for all can only be achieved through #IntersectionalFeminism.

Workers worldwide demand nothing less than the unyielding reverence, validation, and a resolute acknowledgment that transformation beckons for countless among them, particularly women and minorities. Such a radical shift can only emerge when we dismantle the chains of patriarchy and terminate all forms of oppression.

The scourge of exploitation persists, posing a serious threat to human rights. 📌 Some key facts ⤵️

📢 Despite being a billion-dollar industry in Thailand, sex work remains illegal. A new bill for its decriminalization will be proposed to the new government once the elections in May end[1] [2]; until then, sex workers remain unprotected, discriminated against, and continue working in unsafe conditions. But, let’s remember that Sex work is work! Sex workers are legitimate workers who deserve to work in a safe environment. Stigma surrounding the sex industry has no place in an intersectional feminist world where everybody is treated equally.

🚨Forced labor is a serious concern at a global level. The International Labour Organization (ILO) noted an increase in forced labor since 2016. Most recent numbers show that 27.6 million people are in forced labor, with women making up 11.8 million of the total number. Moreover, women and girls account for 4.9 million of the total 6.3 million people forced into sexual exploitation.[3]

📌 Discrimination against Indigenous peoples seeps into all areas of life, work included. There are 476 million Indigenous Peoples around the world.[4] In comparison with non-indigenous peoples, indigenous persons are almost three times as likely to be living in extreme poverty [5] and, overall, account for approximately 19% of the extreme poor.[6]

🚫 It is estimated that 2.78 million workers die annually due to work accidents and work-related diseases. That is 7,500 deaths every single day due to unsafe working conditions.[7]

✊ In solidarity, we rise! At Manushya, we champion the tireless warriors whose labor remains invisible, undervalued, or scorned. Today, we unite to demonstrate unwavering solidarity with workers whose lives bear the burdensome weight of injustice and poverty due to the lack of appropriate regulations.

Let us confront our shortcomings as a society, amplifying the plight of women and marginalized groups. The price paid by countless workers, risking their very lives, due to perilous environments, demands our immediate action! Now more than ever, it is high time for every individual to bask in safety and find solace in the embrace of unwavering support within their workplaces!

#WeAreManushyan ♾ Equal Human Beings

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