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If your Feminism doesn't fight for asylum rights of refugee women, you are NOT a Feminist!

Unveiling True Feminism: Advocating for Refugee Women's Asylum Rights on #WorldHumanitarianDay through an Intersectional Feminist Lens.


World Humanitarian Day underscores our shared responsibility for a more just and equitable world, which serves as a poignant reminder of the critical challenges faced by refugees around the globe. Among those who bear the brunt of these challenges, refugee women stand out as an especially vulnerable group. As we commemorate this day, it is imperative to recognize the significance of adopting an intersectional feminist approach in advocating for the rights of asylum seekers and refugees, ensuring that the voices and experiences of ALL refugee women are heard and central to our efforts✊

Refugee Women: Bearing Unique Burdens

Refugee women often find themselves at the crossroads of multiple forms of discrimination and vulnerability, living the ‘struggle’ within the ‘struggle’. Displaced from their homes, they encounter numerous obstacles – from the loss of their communities to the risks of sexual and gender-based violence. In their pursuit of safety and justice, these women must navigate complex legal systems that may not adequately consider their specific challenges.

The Power of Intersectional Feminism

To truly address the plight of refugee women, it is crucial to view their experiences through an intersectional feminist lens. Intersectional feminism recognizes that the struggles of refugee women cannot be isolated from their intersecting identities, such as race, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation, and gender identity. By acknowledging the complex interplay of these identities, we create a holistic understanding of their unique challenges and needs.

Centering Refugee Women's Voices

Effective advocacy for the rights of refugee women necessitates their active involvement and leadership. These women are not merely subjects of assistance; they are experts on their own experiences. Their stories, insights, and agency must be at the forefront of our efforts. Reinforcing the power of refugee women to engage in decision-making processes ensures policies and solutions that are relevant, effective, and sustainable.

Ensuring Inclusivity

When addressing asylum rights through an intersectional feminist lens, it is essential to ensure inclusivity and representation. Not all refugee women experience the same challenges or hold identical identities. Their diverse backgrounds and experiences demand tailored approaches. Advocacy strategies must be sensitive to these differences, recognizing the complexity of their narratives and the need for culturally competent support.

In our efforts to safeguard the rights of refugees, adopting an intersectional feminist approach is essential. By prioritizing the experiences of refugee women and recognizing the intricate interplay of their identities, we advocate for policies that are not only inclusive but transformative. Together, let us ensure that NO refugee woman is overlooked, and that justice and dignity prevail for all.

✊At Manushya Foundation, we believe feminism must include the rights of women refugees, and we urge both governments and civil society to ensure they are respected. Join us in amplifying the voices of refugee women, advocating for gender-responsive policies, and promoting true intersectional feminism. Through united action, we can make a profound impact on the lives of refugee women, ensuring they are not only seen and heard but able to reclaim their lives and contribute to a more just world.

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