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International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People 🇵🇸

🇵🇸 It’s #PalestineDay ❤️🇵🇸#InternationalDayOfSolidarityWithThePalestinianPeople today! We stand in solidarity with all the people in Palestine living under the Israeli apartheid system ✊🏼

🚨 This year, we were reminded yet another time that Palestine is NOT free! From attempts to evict families from their own homes in Sheikh Jarrah to the violent repression of Palestinian protesters, to missile attacks on densely populated areas.

#StandWithThe6 ✊ As if all that was not enough, in October, the world watched in disbelief the shocking move of the Israeli government when it declared 6 Palestinian human rights organizations "terrorist organizations". ⚠️ This is an unacceptable attack on civil society in Palestine and a desperate attempt to fully control the narrative on human rights abuses committed on Palestinian people!

To all our Palestinian friends

🤍 We stand with you.

🖤 We support you.

❤️ We hear you.

💚 You are not alone!

Join us in our call to the world governments to condemn in the strongest terms the Israeli oppression of the Palestinian people!

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