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#MahsaAmini: Women’s Rights Under Siege in the cruel iran #WeAreAllMahsaAmini

📢 "We are all Mahsa Amini" ✊ Calls for women's rights have erupted in Iran after a woman was beaten to death for "improper" hijab wear.

🚔 On Sep. 16, Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old Iranian woman died after she was arrested by morality police on Tuesday (Sep. 20) for breaking the country's hijab rules. Reports have surfaced that she was beaten in custody and her death was a result of head injuries.

⚠️ The injustice inflicted on Amini has sparked days of demonstrations in Tehran, with people demanding the truth and coming out against the government's oppression of women. Some also call for the abolition of the current dictatorial regime #NoTotheIslamicRepublic

🧕 Women have staged symbolic protests by taking off their headscarves in public and burning them. This is in direct defiance of the law requiring women over the age of puberty to wear head coverings and loose clothing, which has been enforced since 1979 Iranian Revolution.

#PoliceBrutality 🛑 However, protesters were met with violent attempts to disperse the crowds. Some said they were beaten, and at least seven people are believed to have been killed, according to BBC. Iranians are being attacked simply for asking for their human rights to be respected!

🏽✊🏾 As an intersectional feminist human rights organization reinforcing the power of humans, including women, Manushya Foundation stands in solidarity with all Iranians calling for democracy and an end to gender-based violence. We hope Iran will soon be free of oppression and discrimination on the basis of sex and gender.

⚖️ Iran must ratify CEDAW (the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women), and commit to guaranteeing equal rights for women in Iran as soon as possible!


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