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#AsiaWakeUp: #RBHRF2022 is over and our demand is clear: It’s time for Thailand to #StopNAP-ping!

🔥 For the first time after 3 years, Manushya Foundation returned to the Asia-Pacific Responsible Business & Human Rights Forum held in Bangkok. Together with our partners from the #ThaiBHRNetwork, human rights defenders, community members and Asia Task Force, we denounced the weak voluntary measures promoted by the Government & instead promoted robust international legally #BindingTreaty & mandatory human rights due diligence! ✊

📍 Have a look at the most important highlights of the week!👇

"Stop NAPping!"

🎤 Emilie Palamy Pradichit, the Founder & Executive Director of Manushya Foundation kicked off the #RBHRF2022 as a moderator of the session “CSOs Safe Space” with a strong message: National Action Plans on Business & Human Rights are not enough. We need legally binding measures to bring about real corporate accountability & truly protect the human rights of local communities!

📍 During the session, members of the #ThaiBHRNetwork and human rights defenders voiced out their concerns regarding corporate violations of human rights to the new member of the UNWG on BHR, Pichamon Yeophantong.

📃 At a NAP Debrief session, we engaged with human rights defenders from #ThaiBHRNetwork who provided their comments on the implementation of Thailand’s NAP-BHR 1 & on the draft of NAP-BHR 2. Participants of the session all expressed their disappointment with the NAP process and the document itself: it is clear these documents are not enough!

🪧 On Tuesday, Manushya Foundation & communities from #SaveChana, #SaveSabWaiVillagers, #JusticeForPhichit & others staged a banner protest during an official Forum event, letting our message sound loud & clear! Thailand's NAP is just a schedule for meetings while corporations are still making a profit at the cost of People and the Planet!

📣 Emilie Palamy Pradichit had a powerful intervention, pointing out how Manushya Foundation & Thai civil society have been used in the NAP drafting process, while the final product completely ignored community voices: "It's time to #StopNAPping!"

✊ On Wednesday, two women human rights defenders, Ms. Premsinee Sintontammatuch of #JusticeForPhichit & Manushya Foundation’s Ms. Nada Chaiyajit submitted their complaints to the UNWG on BHR member Pichamon Yeophantong regarding SLAPP cases they are facing.

🎙️ Manushya Foundation & partners organized a popular side event “National Action Plans: Stocktaking & Charting the Way Forward” with Emilie Palamy Pradichit as one of the speakers. "Even though we had a good process, because we led the process, the content was weak. NAPs are just greenwashing tools for companies and governments," said Emilie.

#WeAreManushyan - Equal Human Beings

👉 Tangible solidarity between regional organizations and groups was present throughout the week. And we are not finished! Manushya Foundation will continue to advocate for strong legally #BindingTreaty and mandatory human rights due diligence to ensure that human rights on the ground are protected!

📺 Still not sure what the legally #BindingTreaty is? Watch our new video! Access here.

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