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#NewsUpdate 🚨Jack thanks you for all your support! #JusticeForJack

Prominent Lao activist Jack, who was the victim of an attempted murder by gunshot on April 29, 2023, is now recovering in the hospital. According to “Power of the Keyboard” Facebook page, he is suffering from a severe injury to the tongue, and there is a bullet stuck in his lung.

Moreover, on May 5, the Lao police falsely claimed in a press statement that the violence against Jack was brought on by “business” disputes or “romantic” affairs with a girl.

🚨 Why is the Lao Government twisting the narrative about Jack’s attempted murder?

✊Manushya Foundation calls on the Lao government to immediately, transparently, and thoroughly investigate the case and bring justice to Jack. We also call on the international community to guarantee protection and safety for him and his family

#WeAreManushyan ♾ Equal Human Beings

While you’re here, learn more about Jack’s case:

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