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News Update: Jack is Alive! #JusticeForJack


🚨 Last night, May 3, 2023, at 8PM ICT, the Facebook page “Power of the Keyboard” (ຂັບເຄື່ອນດ້ວຍຄີບອດ) confirmed that Jack survived the brutal shooting perpetrated against him.[1] On April 29, 2023, Jack was shot twice by an individual, in a barbaric murder attempt, at the local bar ‘After School Chocolate&Bar’ in Vientiane, Laos.[2]

His family and other sources confirmed that he is currently undergoing medical treatment in the 150 beds hospital in Vientiane, Laos. On May 1, 2023, his family had initially reported him dead to ensure his safety, fearing the shooter would finish the job and kill Jack.

Yesterday, May 3, 2023, the Lao police visited Jack at the hospital and took his pictures. That prompted the family to disclose Jack is alive, not trusting the Lao government would undertake an independent and impartial investigation if the world keeps believing he’s dead.

We are very happy that Jack is alive, and we call for an impartial investigation and protection for Jack,” said Emilie Palamy Pradichit, the Founder & Executive Director of Manushya Foundation, to the Southeast Asia Globe.[3]

The brutal attempted murder of Jack is the latest in a string of similar attacks in recent years targeting Lao human rights activists who speak out against the authoritarian government, furthering the cycle of political violence and suppression of dissenting voices in the country.

🚩 Manushya Foundation calls on the Lao government to immediately, transparently, and thoroughly investigate the case and bring justice to Jack! We also call on the international community, the United Nations and the diplomatic community in Laos, to visit Jack at the hospital, and to guarantee protection and safety for him and his family.

Our sincere hope is for Jack’s health to remain stable and for his recovery from this traumatic attempt to murder him. Jack’s family is currently calling for donations to support his medical care. People can donate here.[4]

#WeAreManushyan ♾ Equal Human Beings

🔗 Check out our News Release to learn more about what happened:


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